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The Versatility of Decorative Concrete for Dover Indoor Applications

For both horizontal and vertical surfaces, decorative concrete is the most versatile solution. For Dover home and business owners, coatings can transform the appearance and functionality of floors, walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, water features, stairs, and more. In the past several years, decorative concrete has advanced tremendously. Today, the products are high tech and the…

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Helping Showrooms in Weston Stand Out with the Right Flooring Solution

Harley Davidson Showroom

Whether used to display automobiles, motorcycles, jet skis, motor homes, campers, or some other high-end item, showrooms serve a specific purpose. This area of a dealership puts new, expensive, and even classic and vintage products on display. The goal is to entice interest, which helps bolster sales. For accomplishing this goal, it is imperative for…

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The Top Safety Benefits of Using Epoxy Floors in Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants must perform efficiently, quickly, and safely. Therefore, any flooring with a slippery or otherwise damaged surface can prove disastrous for productivity and plant safety. Although industrial facilities have several viable flooring options, the best choice is epoxy floors, which solve a broad range of issues. Having a brightly lit work environment in a…

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Is Urethane Cement Flooring a Good Choice for Schools in Weston?

Unlike some environments, Weston schools need a new floor that can withstand a great deal of daily use and abuse. Although there are many incredible options, you should add urethane cement flooring to your list of possibilities. In addition to unparalleled strength, you will discover that this floor has many excellent benefits. For one thing,…

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Metallic Epoxy Floors Provide an Advantage for Commercial Kitchens in Wayland

When it comes to floors, many restaurant owners in Wayland believe that they have to choose between aesthetics and functionality. In reality, epoxy floors offer both. Although commercial restaurant and home kitchens share similarities, there are also several distinct differences. For that reason, commercial kitchens need floors that are durable and long-lasting, yet aesthetically pleasing….

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Epoxy Floors Offer the Same Benefits for Newton Residential and Commercial Kitchens

As you probably know, there are a number of distinct differences between residential and commercial kitchens in Newton. For example, commercial kitchens have more advanced equipment and tools, and they are required to follow strict regulations. Even with the differences, there is one thing that the two can share, beautiful epoxy floors. With this unique…

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How Metallic Epoxy Floors Promote Better Buying at Milton Retail Shops

Just because Milton’s population is only around 30,000 does not mean that retail shops are not in competition with one another. In fact, as a smaller city, competition if probably quite intense. For retail store owners, metallic epoxy floors are an excellent way to gain an edge and promote better buying. Typically, epoxy floors are…

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How Concrete Crack Repair in Boston Manufacturing Plants Reduces Risk

Crack repair in Boston

Owners of manufacturing facilities in Boston may wonder whether their dollars are well spent repairing a concrete floor. Concrete’s reputation as a strong, durable material may lead many owners to overlook crack repair as part of their regular maintenance. At the most basic level, cracks present a liability risk to Boston manufacturing plant owners because…

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Non-Slip Epoxy Floors in Boston Schools Provide Students with a Safer Lunchroom Environment

School Epoxy Floors

In their attempts to combat germs, Boston schools have most commonly employed easy-to-clean flooring materials, such as vinyl flooring tiles or linoleum, that result in a hard slippery surface when they are wet due to spills. However, school designers have realized that school cafeteria flooring in modern schools requires some consideration. Cafeteria facilities often serve…

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