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Garage Floors

Your concrete garage floor takes a lot of abuse – moisture, oil spills, and road salt to name a few. Having a professional garage floor coating applied will not only add years to its life, but will also greatly reduce the maintence required.

We deliver quality garage flooring that not just beautiful, but will stand the test of time. Very resilience to damage and as ease to clean, they protect against stains, corrosive chemicals (like road salts) and moisture penetration.

Whether you’re a car collector looking for help with a twelve car garage, or you’re hoping to repair a crack in your garage concrete, we can help you elevate your garage flooring. 

Benefits of Epoxy Coating

Chemically-resistant surface  Attractive, high-gloss finish  Impact- and scratch-resistant coating

Easy-to-clean  Non-porous  Seamless surface

Highly-reflective surface  Slip-resistant  Affordable and quick flooring option

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