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High-traffic industrial or commercial spaces with heavy vehicles, forklifts, pallet jacks, and even just foot traffic demand high-performance flooring systems.

Garage Floor Coating of Boston’s commercial-grade and industrial floor coatings are formulated specifically for heavy use and constant traffic.  They take abuse, impacts, and resist wear-and-tear for years. 

If you and your employees are tired of looking at worn, cracked, and stained concrete in your work space, a durable, affordable coating is the perfect solution.


Protect Your Business

Serious Floor Coating…

If you’re looking for a durable business flooring solution, look no further than Garage Floor Coating of Boston’s commercial floor epoxy and polyurea coating systems.

Skip new concrete.

We can help you get the quality results you need without breaking the bank.

We’ve been providing quality floor coating and painting services since 2008, and we understand just how important it is to have a strong, sturdy foundation for your business—that’s why we offer only the best commercial floor coating services in the Boston area.

… for Serious Business

Our floors for commercial or industrial use are:

  • Incredible warehouse sealants for constant foot traffic
  • A “high impact” system ready for loading docks
  • Options include polyaspartic, epoxy, and polyurea depending on location and needs
  • Work for Primary and Secondary containment coatings
  • Durable, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches and scuffs
  • Include optional safety striping and logos
  • Available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes to fit your style and needs, including single-color, color blends, brindle patterns, and flakes for depth of appearance.

By and For Bostonians

We’re family owned and operated by true Bostonians with a commitment to local business.

Whether you need a commercial floor coating in South Shore, North Shore, Metro West, or anywhere in between, we’ve been meeting Boston’s painting and coating needs for nearly two decades.

Protect Your Space

Our commercial floor epoxy coating is perfect for businesses of all kinds, whether you’re looking to use it in your warehouse or automotive repair shop. 

These durable coatings will help protect your commercial floor from the wear and tear of heavy machinery and other materials that may be brought in or out of your space. 

Our epoxy is also great at protecting against moisture, so if your company is located in an area that sees frequent rain, humidity, snow, and ice, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Epoxy and urethane floor coatings stand up to road salt, dirt, grime, chemicals, and more. They even beat spilled paint thinner!

Our epoxy or urethane coatings for warehouse floors are perfect for: 

  • warehouses and other large indoor spaces where heavy equipment is used 
  • great for repair shops or any other locations where vehicles are present or common
  • even ready for locations prone to hazardous and petrochemical substances
  • great for foot-traffic, as in retail spaces or packaging and shipping facilities

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Floor Coatings

At the most basic level, cracks present a liability risk to Boston manufacturing plant owners because they are liable for injuries that would result if someone were to trip and get hurt. Proactively repairing cracks can prevent lawsuits that could result from such a situation.

Beyond the danger of tripping, cracks in concrete floors or walls can also present a danger to both employees and visitors alike when cracks allow the release of potentially hazardous chemicals into the work environment. Having cracks repaired by experts can ensure that a manufacturing facility is sealed in a way that prevents the release of contaminants into the air.

Structural damage that results from cracked concrete poses another major risk for building owners. A major risk of cracked concrete is the potential for water to flow through the crack, resulting in rusty rebar or voids in the substrate beneath a concrete slab. Crack repair can also reduce the risk of damage caused by expansion and contraction caused by Boston’s warm summers and cold winters.

Cracked concrete can also weaken a facility’s overall structure and, therefore, presents a potential danger. Maintaining a Boston manufacturing plant’s structural integrity not only negates potential risks to staff but also maintains the property value of a facility over the long term. Cracks will inevitably get worse over time, and building owners will find that the risk of a dangerous incident becomes more likely as time passes. The price of repair also increases as cracks worsen. Therefore, a proactive approach to concrete crack repair is essential.

Although epoxy floors are commonly used as a garage flooring solution, they are also the perfect choice for residential and commercial kitchens in Newton. Regardless of the style and décor of the home or restaurant, epoxy is a viable solution, and for good reason.

To start with, once epoxy floors are applied, they cure. With that, they become incredibly solid and hard. Although this is great for homes with large families, it is especially beneficial for busy restaurant kitchens. This type of floor will easily withstand daily use and abuse that comes from heavy foot traffic, dropped items, liquid spills, and more.

Another benefit of epoxy floors shared by residential and commercial kitchens is the fact that these floors are easy to clean and maintain. Because the surface is smooth, dirt and debris, as well as stuck-on food particles, come off easily. In fact, epoxy is stain resistant so the floors will look gorgeous day after day. Typically, all these floors require is sweeping as needed and occasional damp mopping.

One benefit that is increasing the popularity of epoxy floors in commercial and residential kitchens is that this material is non-toxic. As an environmentally-friendly flooring solution, you have the opportunity to do your part in improving the environment while providing family and guests with a safer place to eat. Considering all of the shared benefits of epoxy floors, it is easy to understand why they are now considered one of the best options available today.

Industrial coatings are used in many applications. As mentioned before, floors in factories and warehouses are ideal candidates for industrial floor coatings. So are auto dealer showroom floors, because the cars have to be driven over the floor. Auto mechanics like to have their garage floors coated, because they don’t want chemical spills to ruin their floor. Certain coatings can also add slip resistance to a floor so it is safer. Basically, any floor that needs to be strengthened and protected against chemicals and abrasions is a good candidate for an industrial coating.

Consider what your floor types must survive. Factories have heavy equipment sitting on their floors as well as moving across them. Warehouses also have motorized equipment moving all of the time. When a pallet impacts a floor, the desire is for it not to damage the floor, because pallets can weigh hundreds of pounds. Industrial coatings in Boston can protect against chemical spills, heavy objects dragging against them, and heavy items falling on them. If concrete is unprotected during these events, it can break and result in repair or expensive replacement of the concrete. With a solid coating, many of the damage concerns are relieved.

There are things to consider before applying an industrial coat to a surface. Assessing the current concrete structure comes first, as this can alter the timeline of the project depending on existing damages. It is important to check the existing concrete and fix cracks, patches, and any other kind of structural damages before applying a coating system. Any existing damage may change the longevity of the coat.

Another consideration when planning to apply industrial coatings in Boston is the kind of conditions the concrete floor will be exposed to. The expectancy of high-impact traffic, chemical spills, and other factors will dictate the type of industrial coating that it needs. If the business will require the floor to withstand heavy equipment, then long-term planning and more durable types of coatings should be considered. Other types of abuse, such as heat, will also be a factor in selecting the type of coating because of the difference between the thermal expansion of the coating and the concrete underneath. Once the different kinds of exposure are identified, it’s time to rank them according to the importance and choose the type of industrial coating that can do the job.

If you want to upgrade your industrial flooring, Garage Floor Coatings of Boston can help. Our tested High Impact systems, Urethane cement flooring, and OSHA/ADA compliant nonslip flooring systems will ensure that your floor stands the test of time without compromising on aesthetics.

Urethane coatings are becoming more popular in Boston, and there are many reasons why. For instance, urethane is flexible, allowing it to withstand certain types of abuse. The texture also stays smooth for a long time. It doesn’t become brittle and chalky after years of abuse. Instead, it maintains its beauty and has a high degree of stain resistance. This resistance to chemicals and other staining substances makes urethane a preferred coating for floors frequently exposed to spills, which means the coating is ideal for commercial environments.

Some of the floor coating requests that Garage Floor Coatings of Boston receives have to do with appearance. Commercial establishments want colors and textures to increase the aesthetic appeal of their facilities. Showrooms, auto mechanic garages, retail establishments, factories, and warehouses can have color and texture added to their floors according to their specifications. All in all, the multifunctional nature of urethane coatings has more individuals and businesses opting for it as their preferred floor coating.

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