About Jim Rutecki & Garage Floor Coating of Boston

Jim Rutecki –Owner and Founder ​​

Boston Native, Family Man, Paint & Epoxy Flooring Expert


I was born and raised in the Boston area, and I have been in the paint and floor coating business in this area since 1974. With over 750,000 square feet of painting and decorative coatings experience, Garage Floor Coating of Boston is the reliable contractor you can count on. 

I am personally involved in every epoxy flooring project to ensure quality and satisfaction. Our floor installers are factory-trained  floor applicators, and they work exclusively for us. We do not use sub-contractors or day-labor. We also purchase our materials directly from several of the top coating manufacturers in the United States. This relationship gives us access to better training and support, and allows us to provide higher-quality coatings.

We take pride in every project, no matter how small, with strict attention-to-detail.  We strive to deliver a high-quality, industrial-grade epoxy flooring that is extremely resistant to wear, does not stain, and is very easy to maintain.

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