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Concrete flooring, including concrete floors in basements, are prone to damage from moisture, mold, and just general wear-and-tear. 

Cracks and fine lines often appear first, especially when moisture is of particular concern, and they can spread over time.

A professional basement floor epoxy coating can restore the look, feel, and function of your basement floor, preventing damage and warming your space for years.

If you’ve been thinking about re-doing your basement floor, or specifically an epoxy coating, trust the pros. Garage Floor Coating of Boston has been helping homeowners like you with coating and painting projects for more than a decade.

Why a Basement Floor Coating?

The benefits of a quality and professionally installed basement floor epoxy or polyurea system are tremendous.


It Looks Great

Worn-down and unprotected basement floors attract cracks, dirt, bugs, and debris. A quality epoxy flooring can breathe new life into your entire basement. You might even start entertaining down there again!


It Protects

Properly installed basement coatings resist moisture, cracks, chemicals, stains, and even impact damage from heavy dropped objects. It’s a worthy investment in the durability of your home.



Epoxy basement floors are a cost-effective approach to improving your basement. An epoxy coating done by professionals can save you thousands of dollars compared to most every other basement flooring option.

A Better Boston Basement

We’ve been doing professional painting and coatings in Boston homes since 2008, and we hold our team to the highest standards when it comes to quality of service, quality of products, and customer communications. 

We know that basements are usually damp spaces and prone to mold, but thanks to superior epoxy coating systems with Garage Floor Coating of Boston, those days are over. 

We use high-quality epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurea for basement floor systems to create a durable, waterproof surface that will last you for years to come. 

When you trust our team with your basement floor project, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be there every step of the way. 

It’s Time for an Upgrade

If your basement floor is looking a little… basement-y, it might be time to give it an upgrade.

Whether you’re in Metro West, South Shore, North Shore, and anywhere in the Boston region, we can help you with a durable basement floor coating that’s right for your space. 

Our unique epoxy is covered by our comprehensive 10-year warranty not to peel, crack, or fade—unexpected issues and we’ll be back in a jiffy.

We’ve got tons of colors and finishes to choose from, including solid colors, brindle patterns, and pearlescent “natural” options. Whether you’re going for a natural look or something bold, we have a basement epoxy option to fit your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Floor Coatings

Mold needs certain conditions to grow, including moisture, darkness, warmth, and time. As all of these conditions can be found in many places in your home, the one you really want to control is moisture. 

Moisture can come from many different sources, but commons ones are humidity, condensation, poor ventilation, and leaking pipes, roofs, or windows.

In addition to moisture, mold needs darkness, non-freezing temperatures, and some kind of ‘food’ source, such as wood or drywall. It doesn’t take long for mold spores to develop – within 24 hours mold can start

These ingredients make basements an ideal breeding ground for mold, and because the basement is usually a less-visited and infrequently cleaned part of the house. Often mold can grow for weeks or months unnoticed. growing.

Mold can lead to various negative effects on health. Mold frequently exacerbates pre-existing conditions such as asthma and allergies. Additionally, the presence of mold is linked to the development of infections such as bronchitis and other similar respiratory illnesses.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – installing a moisture mitigating basement coating can save your bank account and your health.

This helps to prevent moisture (not water) from coming up through the floor and walls, preventing further outbreaks. Increasing the ventilation and using dehumidifiers can also greatly help.

Mold is a common household issue, and one that you can eradicate and prevent. If you take the right steps towards prevention, you can protect yourself against damage to health and property and keep your home and family safe.

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