How to Clean Your Epoxy Floor | Garage Floor Coating of Boston

If you’re wondering how to clean your epoxy floor or looking for a low-maintenance concrete floor coating, you’re in luck. Epoxy floors might not clean themselves, but it almost seems that way. Dust mopping or broom sweeping takes care of the vast majority of your epoxy floor cleaning needs. Retail stores might do this on … Read more

Preventing Mold in Basements

Mold: Causes and Prevention Mold is a widely-occurring and dangerous problem that can lead to various complications for both health and home. To reduce the chances of a mold outbreak, it’s important to be aware of what causes it and what steps to take to keep it from growing in your home. Causes and Complications … Read more

Metallic Epoxy Floors: An Ideal Choice for Milton Retail Shops

Although Milton, Massachusetts, only has a population of 27,000, it is just 19 minutes from the big city of Boston. That means that if you own a retail shop here, you need to do something to stand out so that customers near and far prefer your business over others. Even in a small town, competition … Read more

The Versatility of Decorative Concrete for Dover Indoor Applications

For both horizontal and vertical surfaces, decorative concrete is the most versatile solution. For Dover home and business owners, coatings can transform the appearance and functionality of floors, walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, water features, stairs, and more. In the past several years, decorative concrete has advanced tremendously. Today, the products are high tech and the … Read more

Helping Showrooms in Weston Stand Out with the Right Flooring Solution

Harley Davidson Showroom

Whether used to display automobiles, motorcycles, jet skis, motor homes, campers, or some other high-end item, showrooms serve a specific purpose. This area of a dealership puts new, expensive, and even classic and vintage products on display. The goal is to entice interest, which helps bolster sales. For accomplishing this goal, it is imperative for … Read more

Using the Right Flooring System to Enhance Safety in Needham Manufacturing Plants

Industrial coating for a service center

Regardless of the product made or the processes used, manufacturing plants in Needham pose risks not only to employees and outside visitors, including suppliers, vendors, and inspectors. To prevent accidents in this type of environment, owners and operators must follow strict governmental and industry guidelines. However, they can also make choices outside of mandates that … Read more

The Top Safety Benefits of Using Epoxy Floors in Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants must perform efficiently, quickly, and safely. Therefore, any flooring with a slippery or otherwise damaged surface can prove disastrous for productivity and plant safety. Although industrial facilities have several viable flooring options, the best choice is epoxy floors, which solve a broad range of issues. Having a brightly lit work environment in a … Read more

The Best Decorative Concrete Flooring Solutions for Laboratories

Because most lab owners and operators focus primarily on equipment and new technologies, other aspects get overlooked, with the floor being a prime example. Considering that laboratories must maintain cleanliness and sterility at all times, choosing the right flooring solution is critical. For creating a productive work environment, but also maintaining high industry standards, decorative … Read more

Is Urethane Cement Flooring a Good Choice for Schools in Weston?

Unlike some environments, Weston schools need a new floor that can withstand a great deal of daily use and abuse. Although there are many incredible options, you should add urethane cement flooring to your list of possibilities. In addition to unparalleled strength, you will discover that this floor has many excellent benefits. For one thing, … Read more

Epoxy Coatings for Athletic Floors in Newton Fitness Centers

Industrial coating for a service center

In Newton, owners of fitness centers understand the importance of providing customers with excellent service, cutting-edge equipment, incredible workout programs, and more. In fact, most of them have come to realize that even the type of athletic flooring system matters. For that reason, some fitness centers now feature epoxy coatings, which perform exceptionally well in … Read more

Epoxy Floors Make Common Areas in Dover Businesses More Inviting

School Epoxy Floors

Most waiting areas have no personality. When you look customer waiting areas at car service centers, hospitals, dentist offices, and so on, you likely see a boring floor that makes the space feel sterile. The same goes for common areas in law firms, CPA firms, and other Dover businesses. Without color, texture, or pattern, the … Read more

Metallic Epoxy Floors Advantageous for Commercial Kitchens in Wayland

When it comes to floors, many restaurant owners in Wayland believe that they have to choose between aesthetics and functionality. In reality, epoxy floors offer both. Although commercial restaurant and home kitchens share similarities, there are also several distinct differences. For that reason, commercial kitchens need floors that are durable and long-lasting, yet aesthetically pleasing. … Read more

Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Coatings

In Boston, it is important that you choose the best commercial coatings based on specific applications. In other words, the type of coating that you want for warehouse flooring would probably be different from what you need in a high-end restaurant. The reason for the word “probably” is that some coatings are so versatile that … Read more

Milton Residential Flooring Does Not Have to Be Boring

Thanks to significant advances in residential flooring, homeowners in Milton have endless possibilities for turning any room into a spectacular space. For years, people had become accustomed to having limited options for a new floor, but today, things are very different. Stamped concrete is just one of many examples. With this unique decorative concrete application, … Read more

Why Are Schools in Dover Being Upgraded with Epoxy Floors?

All you have to do is spend 10 minutes walking the halls of any Dover school before you understand why some of them have chosen to upgrade existing floors with epoxy. For elementary, middle, and high schools, kids are rough on floors. Between the different styles of shoes, dropped items, and spilled food and drinks, … Read more

Businesses in Newton Reap Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Newton, Massachusetts, is a growing city with a population around 90,000 people. Because of that, businesses are facing increased competition, which means they have to make decisions that will help them stand out to both existing and potential customers. One particular change is having a positive effect on how businesses are perceived and on sales. … Read more

Concrete Coatings for Tenant Improvements at Dover Retail Stores

For you to maintain a professional image within the community, you want the right tenants for your Dover retail store. However, to draw in the caliber of tenants that you want, you have to provide them with a space that not only fits their needs but looks stunning. The application of concrete coatings is an … Read more

How Metallic Epoxy Floors Promote Better Buying at Milton Retail Shops

Just because Milton’s population is only around 30,000 does not mean that retail shops are not in competition with one another. In fact, as a smaller city, competition if probably quite intense. For retail store owners, metallic epoxy floors are an excellent way to gain an edge and promote better buying. Typically, epoxy floors are … Read more

Five Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring for Your Dover Garage

Often, when considering renovations, the garage is overlooked. Whether you want to completely renovate the garage at your Dover home, build a new home, or simply update the current garage floor, epoxy is an excellent solution. Epoxy floors are more than simply aesthetically pleasing; they will actually help boost the home’s value. Ultimately, you end … Read more

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