Garage Floor Coating of Boston

Epoxy Showroom Floors in High Demand Around Boston


Car dealerships are part of a demanding industry where the competition is high. Regardless of the type of automobiles sold, the showroom must be pristine. This is the place where car buyers go to look at the latest and greatest vehicles on the market, so every inch of the space must impress.

If you look at different dealership showrooms, you immediately notice large areas where the floor dominates. When using epoxy floors for showrooms in Boston, you have the opportunity to wow buyers. The design, color, texture, and reflective finish of the showroom floor create the foundation for everything else. A new model vehicle sitting on the floor shines due to the mirror-like reflection.

To gain an advantage over the competition, now is the time to consider epoxy floors for your showroom in Boston. Garage Floor Coatings of Boston understands that dealerships often vie for the same customers. For this industry and others, the company perfected a cutting-edge coating process.

Using a combination of water-based or 100 percent solids epoxy, metallic floor coatings are ideal. The color, sheen, and patterns are enticing, as well as unique to each application. That means that no other showroom in Boston will have a floor that looks like yours. These epoxy floors for showrooms are truly in a league of their own.

In addition to producing a high-gloss shine and 3-D appearance, you can choose one or more colors that coordinate with the showroom itself. In all, you have a choice of 50 rich and sophisticated colors. Just a few examples of what you might select include Whale, Bamboo, Rum, Tiki, Cannon, Mango, Seaweed, and Azure. There is no question that concrete coatings in Boston showrooms such as this will help take your business to a new level of success.