Garage Floor Coating of Boston

Industrial Coatings in Boston: Types of Abuse They Can Handle

Industrial coating
Industrial coating

Industrial coatings are designed to go through a lot of abuse, which is why they are frequently used in factories and warehouses. These two environments are just examples of places where the floors see a lot of foot and forklift traffic. The degree of abuse is so high that a regular concrete floor would not be able to endure it without cracking or breaking completely. Industrial coatings in Boston are made to strengthen a concrete floor so that it can withstand the abuse for the long term. By strengthening the floor in this way, cracks and breaks can be prevented so that repairs are less frequent and so the floor doesn’t need to be replaced before its time.

The Many Applications of Industrial Coatings in Boston

Industrial coatings are used in many applications. As mentioned before, floors in factories and warehouses are ideal candidates for industrial floor coatings. So are auto dealer showroom floors, because the cars have to be driven over the floor. Auto mechanics like to have their garage floors coated, because they don’t want chemical spills to ruin their floor. Certain coatings can also add slip resistance to a floor so it is safer. Basically, any floor that needs to be strengthened and protected against chemicals and abrasions is a good candidate for an industrial coating.

What Can Industrial Coatings Withstand?

Consider what each one of the aforementioned floor types must survive. Factories have heavy equipment sitting on their floors as well as moving across them. Warehouses also have motorized equipment moving all of the time. When a pallet impacts a floor, the desire is for it not to damage the floor, because pallets can weigh hundreds of pounds. Industrial coatings in Boston can protect against chemical spills, heavy objects dragging against them, and heavy items falling on them. If concrete is unprotected during these events, it can break and result in repair or expensive replacement of the concrete. With a solid coating, many of the damage concerns are relieved.