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Industrial coating for a service center
Industrial coating for a Harley Davidson service center

Concrete floors are very durable, but the immense amount of wear that they are subject to can lead to changes in the material, such as cracks, chemical damage, and deterioration. In any commercial or industrial building, the floor is the surface that takes the most abuse, so it’s important to make sure that its industrial coating will allow it to withstand the impact, spills, and temperature that it will encounter.

There are things to consider before applying an industrial coat to a surface. Assessing the current concrete structure comes first, as this can alter the timeline of the project depending on existing damages. It is important to check the existing concrete and fix cracks, patches, and any other kind of structural damages before applying a coating system. Any existing damage may change the longevity of the coat.

Another consideration when planning to apply industrial coatings in Boston is the kind of conditions the concrete floor will be exposed to. The expectancy of high-impact traffic, chemical spills, and other factors will dictate the type of industrial coating that it needs. If the business will require the floor to withstand heavy equipment, then long-term planning and more durable types of coatings should be considered. Other types of abuse, such as heat, will also be a factor in selecting the type of coating because of the difference between the thermal expansion of the coating and the concrete underneath. Once the different kinds of exposure are identified, it’s time to rank them according to the importance and choose the type of industrial coating that can do the job.

If you want to upgrade your industrial flooring, Garage Floor Coatings of Boston can help. Our tested High Impact systems, Urethane cement flooring, and OSHA/ADA compliant nonslip flooring systems will ensure that your floor stands the test of time without compromising on aesthetics.