Garage Floor Coating of Boston

Basement Flooring Systems for Boston Homes

With the right floors, Boston basements are completely transformed. As a result, people use their basements more frequently, whether to watch football, play cards, shoot pool, or just hang out with family and friends. If your basement needs updating, a new flooring system is the perfect solution.

There are several ways to enhance a basement floor in Boston. For example, decorative concrete overlays, ceramic tile, and vinyl tile are all viable options. However, homeowners and experts alike agree that epoxy metallic floor coatings are the superior choice. Formulated with metallic pigments, no two floors are ever identical. Based on the color or colors that you choose, the artisan performing the work, and even incorporated design elements this coating creates a unique aesthetic.

In addition to gorgeous marble or stone designs, metallic floor coatings produce a glossy surface with deep color variation and magnificent visual effects. Some floors even have a beautiful 3-D effect. Metallic basement floors in Boston are also easy to clean and maintain. Typically, this involves sweeping as needed and an occasional damp mopping.

In addition to completely changing the appearance of the basement, this type of flooring system is among the toughest and most durable. Especially if there are small children in the home or rowdy teenagers, epoxy metallic floor coatings are ideal. These floors are comfortable to walk on and resistant to impact, stains, chipping, chemicals, and surface abrasions.

For years, epoxy metallic coatings were used for commercial and industrial applications, but today, they make an excellent choice for homes. Depending on the preferred colors, your basement will look rich and sophisticated, cool and calming, or warm and rustic. The installer can even create a masterpiece using a color combination associated with your favorite sports team.