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Acid Stained Concrete Floors Create Colorful Masterpieces for Showrooms

When walking into an automobile dealership, one of the first things you notice is the vibrant and glossy floor. Especially in high-end showrooms, the floors are masterpieces. In addition to overall aesthetics, an acid stained concrete floor in a showroom serves other purposes, such as enhancing showroom vehicles.

Benefits of an Acid Stained Concrete Floor

An acid stained concrete floor, which is also referred to as acid-etched concrete, is an excellent method used to enhance a residential or commercial space. For instance, hotels, retail stores, beauty salons, and even upscale homes commonly have acid stained floors. This method of transforming concrete floor produces superior results.

One of the primary benefits of an acid stained showroom floor is the beautiful aesthetics. Using this method, the professionals with Garage Floor Coatings of Boston can achieve exciting colors, even creating a one-of-a-kind look. However, this type of floor is also strong and durable, meaning it can withstand high traffic.

Because an acid stained concrete floor is easy to clean and maintain, it is perfect for showrooms. After being driven on by cars and walked on by people throughout the day, maintenance consists of dry mopping along with an occasional waxing. With minimal effort, the floor retains its beauty.

Professional Installation

You can choose an overlay complete with textured texture or a simple acid stain applied on top of an existing concrete floor. Either way, the outcome will be exceptional. Unlike other flooring treatments, you have a wide range of colors, as well as patterns and textures, from which to choose. At the same time that customers are impressed by the sheer beauty of the showroom, you can rest easy knowing that the floor will provide many years of flawless service with virtually no maintenance required.

To ensure your new showroom floor meets your expectations, it is important for installation to be performed by trained and experienced professionals. At Garage Floor Coatings of Boston, you are guaranteed perfection.