Garage Floor Coating of Boston

Clear Coats to Protect and Enhance an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Although versatile, strong, and even aesthetically pleasing, over time, garage epoxy floors can begin to wear. This is not surprising since these floors are constantly subjected to dirt, oil, grease, chemical spills, tire marks, and more. The good news is that you have several viable options for protecting the flooring in your garage.

Choosing the Best Solution

Garage floor coating in Boston
Garage floor coating in Boston

Because there are several methods for protecting your garage epoxy floor, it is important to work with the professionals at Garage Floor Coatings of Boston to determine the best solution.

  • Epoxy Coating – Commonly found in residential garages and commercial auto repair shops, epoxy coating hides small imperfections and is stain and spill resistant. Using a diamond-blade rotating device to grind the floor, the professionals with Garage Floor Coatings of Boston then prime, apply epoxy, and protect with a topcoat. A solid-colored garage epoxy floor looks uniform, but by adding colored vinyl flakes, the floor transforms into something unique.
  • Urethane Sealer – New life can be breathed into your worn and tired garage epoxy floor with the application of a tinted or clear urethane sealer. In addition to outstanding protection against stains, spills, and yellowing, this type of sealer creates a beautiful high-gloss surface.
  • Acid Stain – Technically, acid stain is not a coating. However, when applied by the professionals at Garage Floor Coatings of Boston, the floor’s surface changes dramatically. For optimal protection, a xylene-based acrylic or urethane sealer is applied on top of the acid stain.
  • Customized Coatings – By working with the pros at Garage Floor Coatings of Boston, you have the opportunity for a customized garage epoxy floor. We can mix and match solid and speckled coatings to achieve incredible results.