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5 Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring for Your Dover Area Garage

Often, when considering renovations, the garage is overlooked. Whether you want to completely renovate the garage at your Dover home, build a new home, or simply update the current garage floor, epoxy is an excellent solution. Epoxy floors are more than simply aesthetically pleasing; they will actually help boost the home’s value. Ultimately, you end up with a professional-looking garage that is fully functional and practical.

Compared to plain garage concrete, epoxy floors offer tremendous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Appearance – Epoxy floors will enhance your entire Dover garage. In place of dull, gray concrete, you can choose colored epoxy or, if you prefer, the installer can add metallic flakes to this type of flooring system for a decorative touch.


  1. Easy to Clean and Maintain – Especially if you spend a great deal of time working on projects in the garage, you can expect accidental spills. With epoxy flooring, messes are easy to clean. For small spots of oil, grease, chemicals, dirt, and so on, all you need is warm water, soap, and a rag. For larger messes, you can hose the entire garage out.


  1. Non-Porous Material – Another benefit to having epoxy floors installed in your Dover garage is that this material is non-porous. This means that in addition to resisting stains, spills will not penetrate the surface.


  1. Highly Durable – Obviously if you plan to have new flooring installed in your garage, you want something that is going to last. Epoxy is a treatment installed on top of concrete. Because of that, the garage at your Dover home now has two layers of protection.


  1. Resistant to Damage – You will also love the fact that epoxy floors are resistant to damage, including impact from dropped tools, multiple parked vehicles, and stored items such as bikes, lawnmower, jet ski, boat trailer, and so on.