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Dover Area Schools Upgraded with Epoxy Floors

All you have to do is spend 10 minutes walking the halls of any Dover school before you understand why some of them have chosen to upgrade existing floors with epoxy. For elementary, middle, and high schools, kids are rough on floors. Between the different styles of shoes, dropped items, and spilled food and drinks, officials at these educational institutions realized that they needed a flooring system that could hold up.

School Epoxy Floors
School Epoxy Floors

One of the primary benefits of installing epoxy floors in Dover schools is that officials are not required to have floors repaired or replaced every few years. Because epoxy is such a robust and durable material, it easily outlasts other flooring systems. As a nice bonus, this type of floor continues to look great in spite of repeated use and abuse.

Another reason for upgrading to epoxy floors is to reduce the amount of time and effort spent by the janitorial staff keeping the floors clean. By the end of the day, it is common to see regular floors covered with shoe tread marks and stains that require a lot effort to clean. Because epoxy is such a high-quality material, it has a protective barrier that resists these and other things. For the janitors, cleaning involves nothing more than sweeping and damp mopping with hot soapy water, followed by clean water.

Officials have also discovered that the more appealing the school environment, the easier it is to engage kids. When school-age children walk into a school with beautiful epoxy floors, they feel proud. Also, a bright-colored floor gives off an energetic vibe that helps motivate students and faculty. In some schools, the same color of epoxy is used throughout the school. Others are using mixed and matched colors or providing students with areas with unique design aesthetics. A softer color in a library has a calming effect, while a bolder color in the classrooms helps inspire.