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Massachusetts Manufacturing Plants Use Epoxy Floors to Improve Safety

Manufacturing plants must perform efficiently, quickly, and safely. Therefore, any flooring with a slippery or otherwise damaged surface can prove disastrous for productivity and plant safety. Although industrial facilities have several viable flooring options, the best choice is epoxy floors, which solve a broad range of issues.

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Having a brightly lit work environment in a plant is important, not only so that workers can see well to accomplish their designated tasks, but also to enhance their safety while on the job. Epoxy flooring has a reflective surface, which helps maximize the lighting within the plant. This shiny surface also helps reduce the number of lighting units required, which cuts costs on utilities, as well as generated heat that can make the work environment uncomfortable.

You can choose from several types of additives that will create a slip-resistant surface for this flooring system. As a result, there is less risk of workers sustaining injuries due to accidental slips and falls. Ultimately, the non-slip surface improves the safety of your employees, even when they’re moving throughout the manufacturing plant quickly.

Due to the structure of epoxy floors, chemicals and other hazardous liquids will not absorb. Another advantage of this flooring solution is that it has shock absorption qualities that protect against heavy loads, and it is highly resistant to wear and tear from both foot and vehicle traffic. Epoxy coverings are easy to maintain and clean. As imagined, facility managers appreciate spending less time on care and maintenance. The result of a properly installed epoxy floor means less downtime and more productivity.

Although epoxy coatings provide heavy-duty protection in manufacturing plants, they also create a more enjoyable work environment thanks to almost endless options of eye-catching colors, textures, patterns, and additives. Outside visitors will feel welcomed thanks to the beautiful aesthetics of epoxy floors, while your workers will enjoy having a more comfortable and safe work environment.