How Concrete Crack Repair in Boston Manufacturing Plants Reduces Risk

Crack repair in Boston

Owners of manufacturing facilities in Boston may wonder whether their dollars are well spent repairing a concrete floor. Concrete’s reputation as a strong, durable material may lead many owners to overlook crack repair as part of their regular maintenance. At the most basic level, cracks present a liability risk to Boston manufacturing plant owners because … Read more

Non-Slip Epoxy Floors in Boston Schools Provide Safer Environment

School Epoxy Floors

In their attempts to combat germs, Boston schools have most commonly employed easy-to-clean flooring materials, such as vinyl flooring tiles or linoleum, that result in a hard slippery surface when they are wet due to spills. However, school designers have realized that school cafeteria flooring in modern schools requires some consideration. Cafeteria facilities often serve … Read more

Why Floor Cracks Should be Repaired in Boston Commercial Buildings

Concrete crack repair

Residential concrete can crack, but this is sometimes seen more often at commercial sites. The primary reason for needing concrete crack repair in Boston at such sites has to do with an increased volume of foot and vehicle traffic. In addition, there is more surface covered with concrete, which naturally increases the risk of cracking. … Read more

Using Concrete Coatings in Boston area Law Offices

Concrete coatings Boston

The majority of law offices in Boston are prestigious, some with high-profile clients. For that reason, it is important for the offices themselves to positively reflect the caliber of services. Even small law offices need to have a professional decor. An excellent way to make clients feel welcomed and important is with concrete coatings. If … Read more

What is the Best Basement Floor for Boston Homes?

Basement floor

With the right floors, Boston basements are completely transformed. As a result, people use their basements more frequently, whether to watch football, play cards, shoot pool, or just hang out with family and friends. If your basement needs updating, a new flooring system is the perfect solution. There are several ways to enhance a basement … Read more

Why Epoxy Floors for Showrooms in Boston Are in Such High Demand

  Car dealerships are part of a demanding industry where the competition is high. Regardless of the type of automobiles sold, the showroom must be pristine. This is the place where car buyers go to look at the latest and greatest vehicles on the market, so every inch of the space must impress. If you … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts for Stained Concrete Floors in Boston

Staining has become one of the most popular options for decorative concrete floors, and its designs have evolved from being confined to earthy tones to multiple hues, blending of colors, and even intricate patterns. There are a lot of things to consider before hiring someone to install stained concrete floors in your Boston home or … Read more

Industrial Coatings in Boston – What Kind of Abuse Can They Handle?

Industrial coatings are designed to go through a lot of abuse, which is why they are frequently used in factories and warehouses. These two environments are just examples of places where the floors see a lot of foot and forklift traffic. The degree of abuse is so high that a regular concrete floor would not … Read more

How Do Commercial Coatings in Boston Improve Business Operations?

In addition to the more traditional reasons that Boston business owners like commercial coatings are some unexpected benefits that are worth consideration. For instance, according to multiple studies, commercial coatings improve business operations. As the company grows, more revenue is generated. One way that they improve business operations is that they are safer to walk … Read more

Stained Concrete Floors More Popular in Boston Homes and Businesses

Boston is an amazing city with varied architecture. Home and business styles include Greek revival, Georgian, colonial revival, post-medieval, federal, gothic revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Tudor, country, contemporary, and high-rise. Regardless of the architectural style, stained concrete floors continue growing in popularity in Boston. Stained concrete floors look incredible in both traditional homes and trendy … Read more

Why Are Urethane Coatings Becoming More Popular in Boston?

Urethane Coating Boston

Urethane coatings are becoming more popular in Boston, and there are many reasons why. For instance, urethane is flexible, allowing it to withstand certain types of abuse. The texture also stays smooth for a long time. It doesn’t become brittle and chalky after years of abuse. Instead, it maintains its beauty and has a high … Read more

Commonly Used Tools for Garage Floor Repair in Boston

Garage floors are the most beat-up floors of the house. They not only endure car weight and traffic, but also serve as a place for messy activities and an extra storage space for many homes. These are enough reasons to invest in a good garage floor that will last a long time. Concrete garage floors … Read more

Selecting the Appropriate Industrial Coatings for Boston Businesses

Concrete floors are very durable, but the immense amount of wear that they are subject to can lead to changes in the material, such as cracks, chemical damage, and deterioration. In any commercial or industrial building, the floor is the surface that takes the most abuse, so it’s important to make sure that its industrial … Read more

Evaluating and Making Concrete Crack Repair for Boston Tenants

Finished concrete floors

When you deal with concrete, concrete crack repair becomes inevitable at some point. The concrete is still functional even with cracks, but this does not mean that they should be ignored. Whether the crack is big or small, it should be repaired as soon as possible. There are two types of cracks, superficial and structural. … Read more

Concrete Damage and Professional Floor Repair in Boston

While concrete floors are sturdy and durable, wear and tear will still be visible over time. Concrete floors may crack, and this problem is ignored too often, resulting in eventual widening of the crack, leading to a bigger dilemma. It is recommended to have any crack repaired as soon at it is noticed. Concrete floor … Read more

Options for Transforming Basement Flooring in Boston

Choosing a basement flooring system doesn’t need to confine a homeowner when it comes to design and durability. With that said, it is great to have options when trying to transform a basement into a space designed for a specific purpose. The first step in deciding what type of flooring to put in a basement … Read more

Learn More about Metallic Epoxy Flooring Pigments

When it comes to quality flooring, there is a wide variety of options. One of the most distinctive options is metallic pigments. This type of flooring can be used for a variety of applications, but it always creates a one-of-a-kind look. If you want to give metallic pigments a try, be sure to contact Garage … Read more

A Quick Overview for Installing a Garage Floor Coating | GFC Boston

Whether you are a home or business owner, having a high-quality and durable garage floor is incredibly important. The materials you choose and the contractor you hire to complete the job play a key role in determining how well the project goes. For your next garage floor project, trust no one other than Garage Floor … Read more

Clear Coats – Properly Protecting an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Although versatile, strong, and even aesthetically pleasing, over time, garage epoxy floors can begin to wear. This is not surprising since these floors are constantly subjected to dirt, oil, grease, chemical spills, tire marks, and more. The good news is that you have several viable options for protecting the flooring in your garage. Choosing the … Read more

Acid Stained Concrete Floors for Showrooms | GFC Boston

Acid Stained Floor in Boston Showroom

When walking into an automobile dealership, one of the first things you notice is the vibrant and glossy floor. Especially in high-end showrooms, the floors are masterpieces. In addition to overall aesthetics, an acid stained concrete floor in a showroom serves other purposes, such as enhancing showroom vehicles. Benefits of an Acid Stained Concrete Floor … Read more

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